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Video credits : © art union projects

Xingyun, The Flowing Dragon 

Christofle, a renowned Parisian silversmith established in 1830, and Zheng Lu, the celebrated Chinese sculptor, join forces to present an exceptional masterpiece of artisanal craftsmanship and cultural exchange. Emerging in an elegantly intricate silhouette of a flowing dragon, the artwork is a testament to the pursuit of perfection.

This collaboration manifests the shared values of both the brand and the artist: a harmonious blend of reverence to tradition and visionary innovation.

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Photo credits : © christofle  © miassong 


This artistic partnership between Christofle and Zheng Lu not only celebrates the beauty of traditional craftsmanship and silversmith mastery, but also engages the newest technology to give the piece its unique characteristics.

From the calligraphic sketch made by the artist to the final inception of the sublime silver sculpture in the brand’s Haute Orfèvrerie workshop in Yainville, France, each step of this artis- tic ventureis a tribute to precision and purity of visual expression. It explores the complex relationship between tradition and innovation in a splendid piece that, like the flow of water, transcends time.

Photo credits : © christofle © miassong 

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