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Video credits : © art union projects 


Art Union Projects is pleased to present the new dance collaboration “Urban Choreography” for SOCO. Supporting the brand's recent initiatives for urban communities, this project is looking at how dance movement reflects the living moving spirit of the megapolis, its fluidity and energy.

Photo credits : © art union projects 


Megacities are ever-expanding living organisms where the body of an individual becomes just a particle in the steady stream running through the arteries of the metropolis. From the individual movement interrupted by rush hours

to collective moving energy, this choreography explores the paradox of the big city.  

We witness the perpetual flow in all directions but at the same time become aware of personal mobility’s limitations caused by the city's very own infrastructure.  It is the exploration of how body language represents changes in rhythm, speed and fluidity throughout the course of a day in the city.  “Urban Choreography” was created in collaboration

with Sophie Renier and Thalia Ziliotis.


The dance piece consists of two phrases with one using classical language of modern ballet, and another probing into contemporary dance. The choreography explores the possibility of body language to translate the abstract notions to a physical manifestation of the city’s collective movement, fluidity and speed that belong to a global perspective.

Video credits : © art union projects 

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