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Sophie Renier interview, curated by Art Union projects

Sophie learned ballet in France at the National Paris Opera House and then joined the National Superior Conservatory of Music and Dance of Paris (C.N.S.M.D.P.) where she obtained her Certificate of Dance Interpretation and her Superior Degree in history of dance, anatomy and music.


After graduating, she danced at the National Ballet of Nancy (C.C.N. of Lorraine), national center for contemporary dance and choreographic research. She performed pieces from some of the most renowned choreographers such as Maliphant, Forsythe, Balanchine, Graham, Preljocaj, Armitage, and so on. After a while, she integrated the independent company C.C.F.M. as a soloist where she danced a large repertoire from ballet to contemporary. She eventually was invited to join as a soloist the Ballet de la Comunidad Victor Ullate and worked on a neo-classical and contemporary repertoire. After these years of experience as a dancer, Sophie turned into a choreographer and brought a work whose research centered around the philosophy of physics and human sciences.
She is indeed creating an abstract work in which the body is exposed as a material.

It is therefore a question of observing the physical and metaphysical reaction of a body evolving then answering a predefined,
almost calibrated, environment. 

Sophie Renier interview

Sophie Renier pieces

Concept / Artistic Direction
Sophie Renier 



The dance piece consists of two phrases with one using classical language of modern ballet,
and another probing into contemporary dance. The choreography explores the possibility of body language
to translate the abstract notions to a physical manifestation of the city’s collective movement, fluidity and speed that belong to a global perspective.

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