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Video credits : © art union projects 


La Prairie unveils an avant-garde collaboration that pushes the boundaries of creativity and explores music as a new frontier of artistic expression for the luxury skincare house. The result is ‘The Time Cube’, a forward-looking digital installation that offers a mesmerizing experience combining visual and auditory arts.

Photo credits : © laprairie  © miassong 


Through a series of encounters, the exhibition space invites the audience to be active participants who gradually immerse themselves in the one-of-a-kind futuristic experience. The marriage of art and technology, in this context, underscores the belief that innovation can bridge the gap between the ephemeral and the everlasting.

This new artistic venture is an unprecedented fusion of visionary artists, bringing together Cao Yuxi, a renowned Chinese “digital craftsman” and sound artist Lawrence Lau. The innovative collaboration is a tribute to the power of artistic synergy and the boundless possibilities that arise when creative talents unite. 

Photo credits : © art union projects  / © laprairie

Video credits :  © art union projects  / © laprairie

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