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Video credits : © art union projects 


This new piece “ To Heartbeat” is actually a smaller work of a huge interactive sculpture 5 m high,

that the artists created in 2015. It originated from the artist's thinking on

"how to resonate with people from different countries and cultures".

Photo credits : © Kappa  © Art Union Projects



Art Union Projects invited the artists to work with Kappa because they are also a couple.

*LLND, initials of two multi-media artists duo, Laurent Lettrée and Nathalie Delpech, who are specialists
in sound and visual environments, based between Paris and Shanghai since 2009. 

These unique art works by two French artists ( Laurent Lettre and Nathalie Delpeche) are exhibited simultaneously in 3 cities in China: Beijing,  Changsha and Dalian for Qixi Festival time organised by Kappa. Around it, 12 people can synchronize their heartbeat thanks to 12 heart rate sensors. 

This artwork has a timeless expression that resonates across borders; it has a universal vocation to bring humans
together by highlighting  their commonalities and their sensitivity.

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