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Video credits : © art union projects 


Ding Yi’s new work Above the Time created for the collaboration with La Prairie unveils in the form of an immersive installation. The oeuvre creates the sensation of being in an infinite universe, where an ending point becomes a starting point, shifting visitors’ perception of time and being. The past, present and future simultaneously expand in all directions, extending the traditional paradigm of the linearity of time.  

Photo credits : © art union projects  - © Bertrand Stark 


Above the Time is a spatial installation in the form of a triptych. Visitors will move through three different spaces, gradually gaining corporeal and visual experiences as they encounter moving celestial patterns in the video work, ephemeral images through optical lenses, and finally, the delicacy of the surfaces of the painted artworks. 

Curated by Art Union Projects the video work in the first space reveals Ding Yi’s ever-changing painting patterns and explores the essence of “time” through their eternal rhythm of movement. 

Photo credits : © art union projects  - © Bertrand Stark 

Video credits :  © art union projects 

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