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Photo credits : © Costa China © Art Union Projects

This artistic partnership with Costa China  re-interprets traditional cultural practice and showcases playful captivating designs transforming public spaces into an imaginary coconut forest by the young Chinese artist Chen Fenwan.

A unique display draws inspiration from folklore motifs and intricate shapes of paper-cutting technique,
but gives it a contemporary twist.

Costa Coffee x Art Union projects, art installation with Chen Fenwan

Photo credits : © Costa China © Art Union Projects


Chen Fenwan’s work experiments with the language of paper, its charm and flexibility.

Introducing her personal reflection of the collective memories embodied in the lines of paper-cut,

the artist retells various folklore stories and makes them feel anew.

Capturing the beauty of natural forms through the delicate visual language of paper-cut, Chen Fenwan renders trees
and plants in her signature colors of pink and blue, creating sensorial experiences for the public.

Photo credits : © Costa China © Art Union Projects

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